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This is the best locksmith service I have used in Carlsbad.
The techs are always prompt and friendly. They also have integrity and are very honest. They provide re-keys for new tenants and vacant office suites, and also door adjustments. Having CVLK as our vendor makes my life easier because I know the job will get done without question, and the tenants compliment their services. I would hands-down recommend CVLK. I actually would not recommend another company within their service district.
Posted by: Jessica B., Commercial Property Management

We had never used a professional locksmith before Carlsbad Village Lock & Key. Michelle & Craig always give us great service and Craig always goes the "extra mile" with service on the job site. They provide us with repairs, maintenance, and problem solving with doors and hardware. We continue with them because Michelle, Craig, and Lee are all nice, professional folks who do what they say they're going to do!
Posted by: Carlsbad Dance Center

I have used many other companies in the past several years, but had problems with the quality of work, consistent contacts, and continuous service. Carlsbad Village Lock & Key is our "one stop shop!" We call Michelle and are able to discuss our properties, and they are completely familiar with the community and their needs. Craig and the staff are fabulous about making our needs as important to them, as they are to our clients. This is personal and professional service, every time! We also very much appreciate the integrity and honesty we experience. You make us look good! Your efficiency and professionalism works hand in hand with our exceptional service to our clients!
Posted by: Susan Briskin, Owner, Guardian Association Management

I've used other locksmith services, and CVLK's service was more than I expected. They key the locks on our current office, always with prompt service, efficiency, and friendliness of the staff. I would recommend them to others. CVLK has the most competent service with the highest integrity.
Posted by: Linda R., Office Tenant

Always professional, always prompt and punctual, and with fair prices. We love the whole family and have gotten to know them quite well during all the years we've relied on them for our lock and key need of our 3-story commercial building, and the tenants here. I know any work Craig does for us is always done right the first time, and Michelle does a great job scheduling anything we need done, in a timely manner. We prefer the services of this family-owned and operated company.
Posted by: Patty G., Commercial Property Management

We prefer the services of this family-owned and operated company.

We continue with CVLK's services because of their personal service. We would recommend their services because they are honest and responsible.
Posted by: Lee A.

They came to my daughter's rescue! What a relief I felt when Carlsbad Village Lock & Key went out of their way to drive to my daughter's car that was stranded at the train station. Her ignition was stuck and she couldn't get the car started. CVLK met her at parking lot in less than 10 min. and fixed it.
Posted by: Terry F.

We've never had any other locksmith company. We're a management company, and we continue to do business with them because they are a family-owned business. We use them for re-keying, and would absolutely recommend Carlsbad Village Lock & Key to to others. They provide friendly, prompt service.
Posted by: Anonymous

We have had a previous experience with another vendor. They were good, but Carlsbad Village Lock & Key is much better! They provide us with key copies, lock-out service, and re-prints. We'll continue with Carlsbad Village Lock & Key because they are provide prompt service. Their service is critical to us... especially in the case of lockouts... a legal issue. We would recommend them for their good service!
Posted by: Anonymous

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