Everyone Has Questions About Security

And, We Gladly Answer the Ones We Hear Most Often

QUESTION #1: Why it is important to make sure your locksmith is licensed and professional?
ANSWER: There are many reasons to be certain your locksmith is licensed. Licensing insures you are working with a knowlegable professional, who is technically trained in basic and complex lock and key repairs and services. On top of that, you don't want just anyone to have the keys to your home or business, would you? Dealing with a licensed, reputable company means safety above all else.

QUESTION #2: Why do locksmiths recommend all locks be re-keyed when you move into a new house, apartment, commercial establishment, or office?
ANSWER: Safety, security, and peace of mind... don't take chances! You can't be sure how many keys are floating around, nor of the trustworthiness of the individuals who may have them. Always change all the locks before moving into a new house, apartment, commercial space, or office.

QUESTION #3: What is a key or lock "code?"
ANSWER: Most modern locks or keys have an imprinted number such as UT8945, TW65BBTX, etc. These codes help a locksmith to cut a key in the same way your old one cut or new one, so it will fit an existing lock perfectly.

QUESTION #4: My front door keys were stolen. Do I need to have the entire lock replaced?
ANSWER: No, there is no need to buy a new lock. Your locksmith will simply make a new key for you. A locksmith can take care of this for you, on-site.

QUESTION #5: What areas does Carlsbad Village Lock and Key (CVLK) service?
ANSWER: CVLK services primarily the following areas: San Diego North County Coastal including Carlsbad, Encinitas, Oceanside, San Marcos, and Vista. For commercial properties and property management companies, we will gladly consider your location. Just ask us!

QUESTION #6: Is possible to get the approximate cost for a specific locksmith or security task?
ANSWER: Yes, absolutely. Either call us by phone or fill out the FREE ESTIMATE form on our web site. One of our professional locksmiths will give you a free evaluation.

QUESTION #7: How often should I call my locksmith for an inspection of my locks?
ANSWER: It's best to have your locks checked every 3-6 months to make sure they are in top condition. It's important to feel good about safety and security.

QUESTION #8: What is the meaning of "impressioning?"
ANSWER: Impressioning is a technique of opening lock by making a new key for the lock out of a key blank. The procedure starts with smoothing the key blank, then the key blank is inserted into the lock. The blank is twisted and rocked up and down. The key blank is then removed and inspected for marks. The key is filed to that mark. This is done over and over, until all tumblers are accounted for. When the last cut is made the lock should open with the newly cut key - assuming that the interpretation of the marks and the cutting has been done right. The process is slow and requires a fair amount of skill. With expert locksmith skills, the process is considerably faster.

QUESTION #9: How can I open a safe if I forgot or don't know the combination?
ANSWER: You can't, but a professional locksmith can. If you have valuable items in a safe, the locksmith can open it for you. If the safe itself is of value, it's possible the lock can be replaced.

QUESTION #10: I met someone who isn't exactly a locksmith, but he says he can help me. Why am I better off paying more for a professional locksmith?
ANSWER: Unfortunately, there are people out there who present themselves as "qualified," or even calling themselves a locksmith, after taking a three hour, online course. The main reason for calling a professional team of locksmiths, like Carlsbad Village Lock and Key, is because we're highly trained, licensed, and trustworthy professionals, with years of experience. We have a track record of success and many satified clients to prove it. Please read what our client testimonials to learn more about who we are and what we do.

Do you have a question for us? Great! Our friendly professionals at Carlsbad Village Lock and Key will gladly provide answers. Call us or contact us, now.